FAIRPAY Solutions’ leadership team combines extensive experience in managed care, data and statistical analysis, and hospital financial consulting to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate review processes in the industry. Our thorough reviews consistently result in significant savings for workers’ compensation, auto and liability payers.

Chad Birckelbaw - President and CEO
Chad Birckelbaw joined FAIRPAY Solutions in 2006 as Operations Manager, Workers' Compensation. In October 2007, Mr. Birckelbaw was named as Chief Operating Officer and then assumed the additional responsibility of President in May 2009.   MORE

Ron Herbert - CFO
Ronald Herbert, CFO, has over 20 years of business experience, principally in technology, healthcare and business services.    MORE

Bill Huang - CIO
Bill Huang joined FAIRPAY Solutions in 2006 as Chief Information Officer. Mr. Huang led FAIRPAY’s IT team in the development of our MAARS platform. He continues to oversee the evolution of FAIRPAY’s systems and internal processes.  MORE

Lori Browne - General Counsel
Lori Browne joined FAIRPAY Solutions as General Counsel in May 2007. Ms. Browne and the highly experienced legal team whom she manages work closely with our clients in supporting our payment recommendations and resolving medical fee disputes.    MORE

Trevor Davis - Corporate Counsel
Trevor Davis joined FAIRPAY Solutions in the fall of 2003 as its first in-house counsel. Mr. Davis’ principal duties involved the comprehensive research and application of state workers’ compensation laws and regulations with respect to medical bill review. This work helped build the foundation enabling the firm’s transition from software vendor to a leading provider of specialty bill review services.   MORE

Chad Countryman - SVP Business Development & Operations
Chad Countryman joined FAIRPAY Solutions, in 2006 as Negotiations Manager, Group Health. In October 2007, Mr. Countryman was named the lead Business Analyst focusing on the development of our MAARS platform.    MORE

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