Significant Savings on First-Party and Third-Party Medical Billings
Average medical injury liability claims are rising. If you are not recognizing reductions of 25% or more off your medical bill payments, you may be paying too much.

FAIRPAY Solutions can help you find the fair and reasonable cost of healthcare. Our suite of services can be used to evaluate the medical component of liability claims.

There is a growing rift between usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) data and what providers in a geographic area actually accept as payment. Outpatient UCR charge data for hospitals can be incomplete and especially over-inflated.

Hospitals are routinely accepting as full value significantly less than what they are charging. Therefore, relying on UCR data to review liability medical bills can result in paying more than what hospitals typically accept as payment.

FAIRPAY’s Medical Analysis, Auditing and Repricing Services ( - Liability), utilizing more than 20 proprietary and public databases, enables a comprehensive legal, medical and financial analysis of liability medical bills.
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