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It is evident that some out-of-network providers are charging exorbitant prices; several hundred percent of the Medicare reimbursement for the same service in the same area.1 Examples include:
  • $4,500 for an office visit when Medicare would have paid $134
  • $14,400 for removal of a gallbladder when Medicare would have paid $656 and
  • $40,000 for a total hip replacement when Medicare would have paid $1,558
KPN Services is sensitive to issues that arise if your member is balanced billed and we work to quickly resolve claims so you can focus on providing the service that your client/member expects. Utilizing our expertise in provider billing techniques and our proprietary data, KPN secures significant savings to help drive down the medical cost for your out-of-network health claims.

We recognize the increasing demands placed on our clientele for maximized savings with measurable success. Our advanced system platform and robust reporting capabilities quantify the success clients achieve using KPN’s negotiation solution in several ways including:
  • Total program savings
  • Turnaround times and
  • Penetration rate of bills (impacted by savings or by volume)

1) AHIP Survey of Charges Billed by Physicians, August 2009.
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