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FAIRPAY Solutions offers clients a compelling cost containment solution that delivers significant savings. FAIRPAY provides consistent, quality cost containment results through robust data and defensible savings rather than one-dimensional discounts.

In reviewing and analyzing the financial aspects of a bill, FAIRPAY leverages over 20 unique databases containing a full history of over 300 million individual medical transactions. Our patent-pending pricing algorithms and technology provide clients with accurate, reasonable charge recommendations based on thorough financial cost analyses.

FAIRPAY Solutions is proud to partner with clients to combat provider billing techniques including those detailed in our savings success stories.

Self-Insured Employer
This Food Industry employer is very proactive in handling their workers’ compensation claims, processing them internally and managing each claim aggressively. A front runner in self administration and self insurance, they realized the unsatisfactory experience of a one size fits all solution and selected FAIRPAY as a best in class solution for specialty bill review.

Working with FAIRPAY allowed them to customize their implementation to achieve the greatest savings possible and achieve a truly fair payment to both the employer and the provider. To date, this client partnership has resulted in client savings of $6,163,198 or 50.04%.

FAIRPAY’s partnership with this TPA has expanded each year since inception. This leading third-party administrator’s primary focus for success is to help their clients achieve savings by containing claims costs.

By partnering with FAIRPAY, this TPA has been able to incrementally impact their clients’ bottom-lines and provide valuable consultative solutions to fighting providers’ billing practices.

Since 2005, FAIRPAY’s expertise in specialty bill review has helped this client partner realize savings of $45,513,896 or 55.69%.

National Carrier
The partnership between FAIRPAY and this carrier has grown considerably from its humble beginnings in 2006. Quickly realizing the value that FAIRPAY brought to its bottom-line, the carrier has expanded the FAIRPAY program to more than 20 states, encompassing bills that previously went to smaller networks along with out-of-network vendors.

FAIRPAY differentiated itself as a partner through unparalleled service, hard dollar incremental savings, full scope support and management of the bill life cycle, customized reporting that allows for analysis and internal sharing, and lower litigation rates than in other parts of the carrier’s business.

All savings achieved are incremental to the bill review or nurse review performed by the carrier prior to referral to FAIRPAY. Even more noteworthy, FAIRPAY’s review and provider negotiations has delivered savings of $71,752,276 or 51.44% with a reconsideration rate of just 5%.

National Bill Review Company
This bill review company, a leading provider of cost containment and fully integrated care management services, looked outside-the-box for a solution to their specialty bill review needs and partnered with FAIRPAY in 2004. FAIRPAY fits so well into their overall bill review program that FAIRPAY is now the sole partner for providing out-of-network bill review for their high-dollar specialty bills.

FAIRPAY’s ongoing strategic discussions and initiatives with this client partner allow for flexible administration of the program to the bill review company’s clients. They also rely on FAIRPAY’s knowledge in the marketplace, superior service and savings. To date, our ongoing partnership has produced aggregate savings of $46,154,042 or 46.48%.

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